Feb 28, 2017

First Week With Chrome OS (sort of)

I started a pseudo Chrome OS on my Windows 7 machine to see if I liked the look & feel of it. Here are my thoughts so far.
  [instructions to simulate Chrome OS]

I have been using my pseudo Chrome OS, & I have to say it is working perfectly for me. I don't need a "full blown" OS like Windows 7 at all. I am looking at my hard drive & there is only 32 GB used, which leaves over 450 GB unused on a 500 gig partition. I used to have a problem with filling up my hard drive & worrying about expanding. Now with everything in the cloud, It's no longer a big deal. I am seriously considering getting an SSD & using my hard drives for media & backups.

I am getting a Chromebook, for sure. Even with a new one, 14" & Google Play app support, It's still under $300. Not a bad deal. Also, the battery life is over 8 hours on most of them.

I think that traditional OS's are pretty much outdated these days. Most people will find Chromium is the way to go. Don't get me wrong, traditional PC's still have their place. I am keeping my powerful Windows 10 machine in the bedroom for video editing & more intensive gaming.Also I am building a home server with this PC. But for my everyday stuff, Google has my back.

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