Feb 26, 2017

Amazon search sucks donkey balls!

OK, I love to shop on Amazon. They literally have everything you could ever want. I have a Prime account & watch videos & TV shows on it. I have bought books, computer stuff & even groceries from them. But they do have one HUGE problem. Search.

Here is my latest example. I'm looking at buying a Chrome OS laptop & wanted to see what the least expensive Windows 10 machines were going for as a comparison. So, I clicked on "laptops" & selected "NEW" from the search options. I then sorted from "low to high price" & guess what I got?

A full page of "refurbished" laptops, not new like I specified. Also on the page were 2 tablets & 3 desktops, not even laptops at all. In fact on the entire page there was only one "new" laptop computer listed. If I had wanted "refurbished" I would have selected that, it was listed in the options. This was actually a good search result. Usually when I search on Amazon I get page after page of completely unrelated items & lots of cheap junk or accessories. I feel the problem is most likely the listings put up by Amazon affiliate sellers. But come on, if I set a specific criteria I want specific results. I don't want to wade through tons of crap.

Fix it Amazon, fix it.

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