Feb 22, 2017

10 rules for your cult

Cults always get busted in the end. Why, because they are cults!
With these 10 simple steps your cult can stay out of the government cross-hairs.

  1. Don’t have sex with underage girls.
  2. Don’t make sex with a leader or person a requirement to join the cult.
  3. Don’t have more than 1 wife. You can have many girlfriends, but only 1 wife.
  4. Don’t keep a lot of firearms/weapons lying around.
  5. Do let your members communicate & see their family members.
  6. Don’t serve Flavor Aid to groups from large buckets.
  7. Do pay your taxes.
  8. Don’t worship a person. 
  9. Don’t use your name in the title,i.e.. Church of Bob.
  10. Don’t worry so much about getting to the next world, concentrate on this one.

The point here is: Don’t start another cult. We’ve had enough!

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