Feb 28, 2017

First Week With Chrome OS (sort of)

I started a pseudo Chrome OS on my Windows 7 machine to see if I liked the look & feel of it. Here are my thoughts so far.
  [instructions to simulate Chrome OS]

I have been using my pseudo Chrome OS, & I have to say it is working perfectly for me. I don't need a "full blown" OS like Windows 7 at all. I am looking at my hard drive & there is only 32 GB used, which leaves over 450 GB unused on a 500 gig partition. I used to have a problem with filling up my hard drive & worrying about expanding. Now with everything in the cloud, It's no longer a big deal. I am seriously considering getting an SSD & using my hard drives for media & backups.

I am getting a Chromebook, for sure. Even with a new one, 14" & Google Play app support, It's still under $300. Not a bad deal. Also, the battery life is over 8 hours on most of them.

I think that traditional OS's are pretty much outdated these days. Most people will find Chromium is the way to go. Don't get me wrong, traditional PC's still have their place. I am keeping my powerful Windows 10 machine in the bedroom for video editing & more intensive gaming.Also I am building a home server with this PC. But for my everyday stuff, Google has my back.

Feb 26, 2017

Amazon search sucks donkey balls!

OK, I love to shop on Amazon. They literally have everything you could ever want. I have a Prime account & watch videos & TV shows on it. I have bought books, computer stuff & even groceries from them. But they do have one HUGE problem. Search.

Here is my latest example. I'm looking at buying a Chrome OS laptop & wanted to see what the least expensive Windows 10 machines were going for as a comparison. So, I clicked on "laptops" & selected "NEW" from the search options. I then sorted from "low to high price" & guess what I got?

A full page of "refurbished" laptops, not new like I specified. Also on the page were 2 tablets & 3 desktops, not even laptops at all. In fact on the entire page there was only one "new" laptop computer listed. If I had wanted "refurbished" I would have selected that, it was listed in the options. This was actually a good search result. Usually when I search on Amazon I get page after page of completely unrelated items & lots of cheap junk or accessories. I feel the problem is most likely the listings put up by Amazon affiliate sellers. But come on, if I set a specific criteria I want specific results. I don't want to wade through tons of crap.

Fix it Amazon, fix it.

Feb 22, 2017

10 rules for your cult

Cults always get busted in the end. Why, because they are cults!
With these 10 simple steps your cult can stay out of the government cross-hairs.

  1. Don’t have sex with underage girls.
  2. Don’t make sex with a leader or person a requirement to join the cult.
  3. Don’t have more than 1 wife. You can have many girlfriends, but only 1 wife.
  4. Don’t keep a lot of firearms/weapons lying around.
  5. Do let your members communicate & see their family members.
  6. Don’t serve Flavor Aid to groups from large buckets.
  7. Do pay your taxes.
  8. Don’t worship a person. 
  9. Don’t use your name in the title,i.e.. Church of Bob.
  10. Don’t worry so much about getting to the next world, concentrate on this one.

The point here is: Don’t start another cult. We’ve had enough!

Feb 21, 2017


Sometimes I wish people would mind their own business. I get sick of people (mostly the christians) talking shit about gays, trans & other people's sex life that differ from theirs. Why do they care what I do with my penis? It's mine & if I want to put it up some guys butt or in a vag or whatever, that's my business & nobody else's. How would these ass holes feel if I butted in to their sex life. Give it a rest people & start worrying about yourselves.

Feb 19, 2017


Tomorrow I am a blogger. I will talk about all kinds of things I see that are totally F’ed up in the world. I don’t claim to have all of the answers, but I have a lot more than some of the stupid idiots that are wandering this earth. So many retards, so little time to call them out. If I offend you along the way, I don’t really give a rats ass, the truth hurts. that’s what you are going to get here; the truth. And if you’re an idiot, then I will definitely tell you about it. So get ready. It all starts tomorrow.